Summer 2014 Update

Thank goodness summer has finally arrived in Illinois! This was one of the longest and coldest winters I can recall.

If there was an advantage to a brutal winter, working on Wicked Moon, my upcoming novel, was one. Many week-ends were spent hunkered down in my sweats next to the fire with my laptop and faithful Coco beside me. My characters and I battled at times over what they wanted to do, surprising me with new twists and turns I didn’t expect. Wicked Moon is now in the hands of my editor and will soon be back for final revisions. I’m shooting for an October 2014 release date if all goes as planned. I’m thrilled to show off the cover of Wicked Moon. Stay tuned for the next newsletter where I’ll reveal the book trailer for Wicked Moon.

I’m excited to announce my blog is officially up and running. I plan to blog once a week so you get to know me better and keep you informed about what I’m up to . . . which is always entertaining, as my close friends would attest to! I’ll blog about what’s going on in Taylor’s life, writing tips, recipes, traveling, golf, or who knows what might show up. Updates regarding Wicked Moon will be posted. I hope to offer contests, so stay tuned. Here’s the link to check out the blog.   I love to hear from my readers, so feel free to add a comment, ask a question, or let me know if there is something in particular you’d like me to address.

If you haven’t read award winning Uncharted Depths or The Apparition, they make great reads while on the patio, beach, or vacation. They’re available in print or e-book format. Take advantage of the $2.99 special which will expire soon.

I wish everyone an exciting and safe summer filled with wonderful memories with your family and friends.

Taylor Nash

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