Excerpts – Illusive Memories

Broward, Illinois
One Year Later

The supplies in the back of Trisha’s pick-up bounced around when she turned the corner on the gravel road. She glanced at the post that carried the precious memory of her sister’s carvings and admired the flowerbed she had created to frame it. The colorful fall mums greeted her, and the grass had been mowed. The lane was full of new gravel that sent up clouds of white dust when someone drove down the lane.

She pulled up in front of the log cabin under construction and admired the huge, weeping willow tree she used to play under with her sister. Its tendrils lay still.

“There you are,” Braden yelled from inside the frame of the log cabin as she climbed out of the truck. “It’s ‘bout time you got back from town. What took you so long? Hell, I could have finished this framing if I would have had a few nails, you know.”

She slid the box of supplies out of the back of the truck and walked toward the house when she spotted Dad Lowder coming out of the detached garage.

“Well, now that you’re back to lend ya man a hand, I think I’m going to scurry on home and see what Ma’s got cooking up for dinner. Ya’ll coming over?” Dad Lowder teased.

“We’ll be over shortly.” Braden jumped off the porch and took the box of supplies out of her hand. “Got just a few more things to get done. Tell Mom we’ll be over around five or so, but if we’re running late, don’t hold dinner for us.”

Dad Lowder placed a gentle pat on his son’s broad shoulders while she watched them exchange loving glances. Then the man came up to her and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Now ya don’t overdo it. Don’t want anything to happen to the mother of my future grandchild, ya know.”

She hugged her father-in-law with all her strength and placed a kiss on the weathered skin on his cheek. His health was failing quickly now, but they had never seen him happier.

They waved as Dad Lowder climbed into his old rusty pickup and slowly drove down the lane, leaving a small cloud of puffy, white smoke.

Braden came up and put his arm around her shoulders. She wrapped her arms around his firm midriff. Without saying a word, they turned and looked at the log cabin they had been working on now for six months.

“Well, what do you say, Mrs. Lowder, about your new homestead? It’s starting to shape up, don’t you think?” Braden asked as he looked lovingly at her.

“Well, Mr. Lowder. I think you’ve done a remarkable job.” Moisture filled her eyes as a serious tone filled her voice. “I have a gut instinct that tells me Mom, Dad, and Lacy are happy we’re here. It’s like I’ve finally come home. But this time, I’ve got the man of my dreams.”

Braden pulled her into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. Even after a year of marriage, every time he touched her he set her on fire with desire, passion. Yes, she had found her soul mate. He had taken her to uncharted depths emotionally and physically, to places where only the two of them shared.
His hands caressed her breasts and he got that sly look on his face as he said, “Maybe we should check out how the master bedroom is coming along? What do you think, Mrs. Lowder?”

“Whatever you say, Mr. Lowder.” She gave him her sexiest look and raised her eyebrows and winked.

As they walked onto the porch and into the doorless home, the two white wicker chairs on the porch rocked swiftly in unison and the swing hanging from the willow tree rocked in the windless air.

Trisha smiled. Yes, everyone was finally home – and at peace.

Illusive Memories is in the process of being published. Check back in the near future for purchase options!

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