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Wicked Moon

In 1863 a wealthy sea captain, Sam Eldridge, built a 19th Century mansion on the bluff of Cape Cod Bay. Secrets and lies not only destroyed his family, but led to the death of his seventeen-year-old daughter, Belinda, when she fell off the bluff. According to folklore, Belinda’s ghost strolled the widow’s walk waiting for her love, Joshua, to return from the sea. Read Excerpt and Watch the Video for this book.

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The Apparition
Released May 2011
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Returning to Broward, Illinois was supposed to be a new start for Abigail Carron – a place to address her fears and put them to rest. She had no idea Trevor MacKenzie would complicate her life. And – the old house she bought – it held its own secrets only revealed to Abigail, putting her life in danger.  Read Excerpt and Watch the Video for this book. Order The Apparition via the following methods:
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Uncharted Depths
Released July 2008
BookLocker Publications

Winner of a 2009 Reader Views Literary Honorary Mention Award

Uncharted Depths was mentioned as a newsworthy book on the USA Book News website.

Trisha Reilly had no idea returning to her hometown after ten years would take her to Uncharted Depths, physically and emotionally. She came back to put ghosts from the past to rest. But – she hadn’t planned on running into Braden Lowder or getting involved in his murder investigation.

Uncharted Depths is a contemporary romantic suspense that takes Trisha and Braden from their small Midwestern hometown to a tropical island off the Coast of Alabama as they search for the truth about a murder Braden was convicted of committing. Events and personalities collide in a tense dance, as the story unravels a conspiracy.  Read Excerpt

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Ida Kay’s Favorites
Recipe Book – Currently Available

Written under the pen name of Ida Kay, this recipe book is packed with family-style recipes that are easy to make and sure to please your family and friends. Great gift for newlyweds, teachers, new neighbors!

To order, please send your address and a check payable for $10.00 to:

Ida Kay Productions
P.O. Box 760
Savoy, IL 61874-0760

*If you would like the recipe book autographed, please include that information too.

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